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One of the iconic and mesmerizing features as you walk into this community is the clubhouse waterpark. It is arguably the grandest site on this part of Cavite in terms of recreation. The waterpark features 9 gazebos, 7 interconnected swimming pools including a lap pool with relaxing water jets and a submerged sun lounger, party pool that has bubble jets and a pool bar, a children’s pool, fountain pool, activity game pool, and massage beds.

Clubhouse Features

The clubhouse has lots of features to give you the sense of a complete community. Some of the main features include:

Aerobics Area – If you feel you are getting out of sync with life, this facility will help you restore your balance. You can do yoga with friends both on weekdays and weekends.

Gym – All of us know how expensive gym membership fees can be. The Antel Grand Village gives you a world class gym complete with topnotch equipment to satisfy your demands for a daily grind.
Spa and Sauna – The hustle of the city can leave you exhausted and irritable. When you come to the community, you have an opportunity to de-stress and have that quality “me time”.

Grand Ballroom – This is mainly an events area. It is spacious enough to accommodate huge gatherings. You can have family reunions and friends get togethers right here.

Daycare – The daycare center is designed to give your kids a quality time to interact and enjoy while at the same time learn right within the vicinity. You don’t have to worry about your kids because they will be in safe hands.

Coffee Shop – Do you feel like taking fresh brewed coffee somewhere away from your home? The coffee shop gives you this and more. Enjoy homemade coffee and pastries as you plan your day or simply relax.

Game Room – If you are a fan of pool and board games, the game room will most certainly be the space where you will be chilling out the most. Antel Grand Village being such a huge community, you will literally be making new friends right here.

Village Amenities

Apart from the clubhouse and the waterpark features, the village in itself has lots of amenities to keep you busy and cultivate an active lifestyle. Just to mention a few of these amenities, you have:

Pocket Parks – These greener patches of land serve as spaces for an afternoon stroll. Interact with your kids in the lush green mini gardens as you bond with them.

Tennis Court – Even if you have never played tennis before, you can’t help but fall in love with this world standard tennis court. You will exercise with friends whether you are a pro or an amateur.

Basketball Court – For a few rounds of ballgame, you can sweat it out with the rest of the community folks. The court is well done with high-quality materials.

Playground – Kids want an environment where they can run around and test their limits. Antel didn’t forget about them. There are lots of recreation sites where your children can play around and make friends.

24-Hour Security and Manned Gates – The entrance into this community is manned 24/7. It is this sort of security that guarantees you and your family safety.

  • Guarded Entrance/Exits
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Commercial Area
  • Game Room
  • Spa and Sauna
  • Pocket Park
  • Basketball Court
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